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Dutch Green Building Council
Certification of sustainable buildings
Owner of all BREEAM-NL labels

Groot Handelsgebouw, Stationsplein 45, A6.016, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
(Adress for mail: Postbus 1819, 3000 BV Rotterdam) 
Number: 15    
Average age: 32    
Study Background: Hoger Beroeps Onderwijs (HBO, BA level) and Academic    
The DGBC accepts on average 2 new academics as employee each year.    
Financial information      
The Dutch Green Building Council (DGBC) is a not-for-profit organisation.     


Company information
The aim of the Dutch Green Building Council (DGBC) is to make Sustainability in the building
industry measurable by developing sustainability labels allowing for the uniform rating of
buildings and areas throughout the Netherlands. The original five ’Founding Partners’ have
already been joined by more than 270 other ‘Participants’ representing almost all industry
sectors. And since the first label for New Buildings has become operational on the first of
October 2009, this number is still growing consistently.

The DGBC uses the English BREEAM methodology as the basis for their sustainability labels.
The DGBC translated the English version into Dutch and adapted it to the local situation.
Our version is called BREEAM-NL (NL for the Netherlands) and is the only allowed version of
BREEAM in the Netherlands. The first operational label is BREEAM-NL New Buildings, in use
since 1 october 2009. In april and june 2010 the first five Dutch buildings (designs) received

The DGBC’s overarching goal is to advance the sustainability level of the built environment.
In practice this leads to four primary goals. The first goal is to allow for the accurate and
consistent measurement of a building’s sustainability level. The second goal is to raise the
profile of sustainable buildings. The third goal is to expand and share knowledge. The fourth
goal is to ensure that sustainable construction becomes common practice and to fully integrate
sustainability issues from planning through development and into final use.

The DGBC is a member of the World Green Building Council, which stimulates knowledge
sharing between councils and sets the standard for high quality local councils. In turn the
DGBC also supports other Green Building Councils. Among them (developing) councils in
Belgium, Romania, Poland, South Africa, Sweden and Germany.


Esther Wierts or Mariska Louwerens-Peeman, Management Assistants
Adress Postbus 1819, 3000 BV Rotterdam
Telephone 010-2065933


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