Coresta Group


Real Estate Strategy


Total staff 50
Average age 35    
Educational background
90% college/academic (architecture, real estate, organization
studies, business administration)

Coresta Group regularly has vacancies for trainees, final year students and consultants (from
junior to senior level) in the areas of strategy and implementation.


Company information

Coresta Group
Coresta Group is a conglomerate of young, dynamic businesses, which offers a progressively
expanding range of (Public) Real Estate Strategy-related products and services to our
customers. Accommodation is after all an indispensable requirement for all organisations.
We look for the right success formula for each and every customer. Our search service focuses
on finding a pleasant but functional working or learning environment that makes an optimum
contribution to the organisation’s success.

Our mission
We have ambitious goals: We want to be an innovative authority in real estate strategy
that develops and implements (Public) real estate strategies in such a way that it enables
organisations to fully use its property as a resource.

Business drive and expertise
Coresta Group encourages entrepreneurial flair and drive. Rather than wait for opportunities
to present themselves, our go-ahead staff works proactively to create and expand them. We
enjoy taking on the toughest challenges. Combining and sharing expertise is encouraged and
finds practical application in the Coresta Institute (Centre for Research and Education), allowing
us to redefine the boundaries of what is and is not possible and set new trends. This institute
offers a variety of courses for our customers and employees.

Working for Coresta Group
Coresta Group is an open, informal organisation with short lines of communication. Working for
Coresta Group means:
- getting better at what you already do well
- throwing down inspirational challenges and being inspired to excel
- respectful, direct and open communication
- being yourself and becoming what you aspire to


Mrs. Lily Delwel Manager Human Resources
Adress Science Park Eindhoven 5008 | 5692 EA Son
Telephone +31 (0)40 2352 277 Fax +31 (0)40 2352 279



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