OVG Projectontwikkeling

Real Estate Developer



Number 47
Average age 33
Study Background Academic in Business Administration, Economics, Finance, Civil
Engineering, Technology, Management, Real Estate, Architecture

Financial information
Revenues: € 283 million in 2009


Company information
OVG takes a unique approach to project development. The fact that many leading organizations have already chosen for our multifunctional solutions, is proof that our client driven vision is ideally suited to meet contemporary corporate housing demands. This has enabled OVG to rapidly become one of the largest commercial development companies in the Netherlands.

At OVG, we see ourselves as a service provider. We focus on people and their environment. OVG translates clients’ wishes into real estate that complements their portfolios. For every project, we construct a creative and flexible solution for a specific purpose.

OVG develops real estate that is in harmony with the environment and improves the preexisting situation. Therefore, OVG projects must meet the highest standards of quality, ethics, functionality, and commercial durability.

We believe that the role of a project developer is to provide a service. Namely, to realize conditions that will satisfy our clients. Therefore, OVG doesn’t quietly withdraw when a building is delivered; every project includes extensive follow-up services and corporate real estate management.

Our goal is to help you succeed. We don’t just say that – we achieve it.



Address Wilhelminakade 300, 3072 AR Rotterdam
Telephone +31 (0)10-290 87 77


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